2to1 Media, LLC

Roughly 4.5 years ago a buddy and I started a small video production company together. After a few months we split up and he went his own way with his own graphic design company and is KILLING IT! Since then 2to1 Media has grown way beyond my expectations and has taken me all over the US including Alaska. I know what you’re thinking and no this is not a goodbye… yet.
My name is Jeremy Klingensmith, Co-founder of 2to1 Media, LLC. I have always had a passion for video, photos, and above all, flight! During this time building 2to1 Media from the ground up I saw drone videography as an obvious choice and proceeded to get my UAS Pilots license. This helped me get all over the US, travelling for drone work. I also enjoy wrestling and got involved with IWC Wrestling and launched the IWC Network and livestream their events on the IWC Network and most recently FITE.TV.
I’ve had a lifelong dream to be a pilot, have loved the flight simulators and have flown and learned as much as I could about Airbuses, 737s, and more. It has finally come to the point that it makes sense that I am able to pursue becoming a pilot. I took my first flight actually flying a plane and will continue lessons with my flight instructor and will get my private pilot’s license within the next few months and then continue on to get instrument ratings and finally a commercial pilot’s license. In the mean time I will get a license to become a certified flight instructor to gain the necessary hours needed to fly with an airline.
That being said, 2to1 Media will no longer be accepting any new clients. If we have worked together before or if you have worked for 2to1 Media we absolutely will continue on as long as possible. Plans will be made with any current client for a transition in the future. Thank you to every client I have ever worked with and to everyone who has supported me along the way! My estimate is that it will still be roughly 2 years until 2to1 is officially done but I felt the need to give these updates to my clients!

I will also be documenting my path through flight training and will be posting videos and photos throughout my journey so stay tuned for that!